My Stepmother Had It Coming (Part 4)


I put my hands on Karen's back and pushed her down toward the ground so I could jam my dick deeper into her bent over fuckholes. Bonnie gave me a jealous look as she leaned forward and we started kissing. The physical sensation was awesome but it was nothing compared to the emotional empowerment of knowing I had my cock balls-deep in my step mother while her hot friend was kissing me and whispering words of encouragement into my ear.

Then without warning, Bonnie practically shoved Karen out of the way and stepped over her to slide my dick into her. It was at that moment that I understood why a tall 5' 11 woman like Bonnie wore such high heels. It was so she could climb onto a cock from almost any angle. Karen scurried back to a crouch beneath us and started licking anything in front of her face. Bonnie's pussy, my balls, the nectar drooling off of them… Karen lathered it all with her mouth.

It was just too much for me and I'm man enough to admit it. I started to nut, a HUGE cloud of cum poured out of Bonnie's creampied pussy and Karen eagerly ate the whole load out of her girlfriend's cooch. For a half a moment my face turned red and I felt a twinge of embarrassment. Bonnie kissed me gently and reminded me “Daniel that was terrific for your first time fucking us. Be proud of yourself. You Dad and my husband are away for the whole week. By the time they get back you'll be banging the two of us like a real pro. Take a good deep breath and relax. It'll take an hour or so until you're ready again and then we can show you some bathtub games in the whirlpool.

Bonnie was wrong about one thing. I was rock hard less than fifteen minutes later and ready for action. She was right about the rest though, a whole week of waking up and fucking the two of them as many times as my dick allowed was quite an education. I kept mentioning how much I appreciated the tutoring and they just blew it off. Then the day before my dad got back I started feeling guilty about using his wife and her friend this way. That's when Karen finally admitted it was all my Dad's idea. He didn't want me going off to college without knowing what I should do when the opportunity presented itself. It was the nicest graduation present anyone could have given me. Ever.

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