My Stepmother Had It Coming (Part 3)


When we reached the entry Bonnie stood up and gathered herself. She dropped her cigarette to the ground and stamped it out with her foot as she reached forward toward Karen and gave her a big hug in what seemed like one smooth motion. Karen slipped her hands up toward Bonnie's head and tilted her neck slightly to the side as she leaned in to give her a big kiss on the mouth. I knew they were tight from their college days, but I never figured they had been a couple – though looking at these two married forty-year-old females it was now obvious they must have been quite a duo during their single days.

That's when Karen I opened the front door and half-jokingly said “You girls coming inside the house or am I supposed to fuck you both right here on the steps?” They looked at each other as if to say they were up for anything I had in mind – so I chuckled and walked in the house before it got awkward.

Karen came in first, already fiddling with her blouse buttons to show off the white lace bra beneath and Bonnie had somehow slipped out of her skirt on the steps so she was bare assed and beautiful from the waist down before she took two steps into the house….

Bonnie had a wealthy husband who never seemed to be around. She was always going to one beauty parlor or another and it was obvious a professional had been grooming her perfect pussy. The pubes were trimmed and shaped into a narrow strip of angular fuzz and even as she walked toward me from across the room I caught a flash of pink flesh peeking out from beneath them. I wasn't sure what to do first and Karen seemed to sense it so when Bonnie got to be about five feet away from me Karen dropped down to her knees right in front of Bonnie.

Bonnie didn't even hesitate. She fanned out all ten fingers on the back of Karen's head, stepped one foot over Karen's kneeled down shoulder and muffled Karen's mouth as she took a deep breath and plunged her tongue deep into Bonnie's wet mound. I wasn't sure if Bonnie really wanted me to fuck her but it was real obvious she definitely had a think for Karen.

Karen wriggled a couple fingers up into her friend's snatch with one hand while licking her clit clean and using her other hand to motion me toward them. I walked up slowly as I unzipped ad stood behind Karen. She stood up and starting kissing Bonnie, and by the time I saw Bonnie licking her own pussy juices off of Karen's cheeks and chin I was hard as a rock. Karen felt my dick pressed up against her dress from behind. She leaned forward a few inches more and reached back to pull my cock out of my underwear. With a gentle twist and a pull she leaned back on me as my dick slid balls deep in one move through the wettest pussy I have ever felt. It was wild, Karen was so wet her twat was talking to me with sploshing noises as fluid dripped down her thigh and each time I pumped her more drizzled out. She started making this high-pitched yelping noise and then drenched the marble floor with a puddle of poon cum as she squirted out her first orgasm!

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