My Stepmother Had It Coming (Part 2)


I scarfed down my food at the restaurant and had to silently remind myself to walk to the car with a casual smile instead of running toward it like an over-eager idiot. As we got closer to the car I silently moved toward the driver's side to let her know she would a passenger. “Good Danny, taking more control and being the driver… subtle and very nicely done” she remarked. “It's Daniel, not Danny” I corrected her as she smiled back at me.

Pulling out of the parking lot I almost shot the car forward into the intersection when she reached across the front seat and grabbed the bulge of my jeans with her left hand. I could feel the warmth of her palm through the denim as she started to stoke me with her fingers. “If it gets to be too much be sure to let me know Daniel. I can't have you cumming in the car before you even meet Bonnie back at the house.” I just smirked and tried to think about something less sexy to hold back my load a while longer.

A few minutes later we pulled up the long private driveway to the house and sure enough Bonnie's beamer was parked in front. She had taken a seat on the steps by the main entry. Smoking a cigarette with those bright pink lips of hers, she always wore really loud pink coral lipstick. Her blonde hair was ‘messy on purpose' to give her that windblown look and she had on a set of oversized sunglasses to hide her eyes. I still wasn't sure this was all real and didn't let myself believe it in case Karen was playing some kind of twisted birthday prank on me.

As we walked up toward the house Karen reached out to hold my hand. We had never held hands before, it was always my dad and her holding hands with me following along behind them. I felt so powerful entering the house this way instead.

“Hi Bonnie” Karen called out from fifty feet away. “Have you been waiting long?”

“Not more than a few minutes” she hollered back as her legs slowly parted to reveal she wasn't wearing anything under that denim skirt of hers. That was the moment. The moment I knew it was all for real and I was about to fuck my stepmother along with her best friend in the first threesome of my life!

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