My Stepmother Had It Coming (Part 1)


Years ago when my parents split up I was all bummed out like any normal person would be, but that's because I didn't think ahead to the sexy situation I'm in today! My step mom, Karen, always insisted we call her by her first name. She was a pretty good looking lady but not the kind of trophy wife I'd have expected my father to bring him. Dad is loaded, always made a real good living and after the divorce I'm sure he could have snagged any blonde with big tits he wanted. Instead he chose Karen, a 5' 3 slim brunette who is probably a seven at best on a scale of one to ten.

I remember asking him why he liked Karen so much and he told me ‘She tries harder than any other girl I've ever met.' Back then I had no idea what she tried harder about, but last weekend it all become crystal clear to me.

Dad was going away on business again, so he tells Karen to do something special for my graduation and he hands her a wad of cash. The next day we drop him off at the airport and Karen asks me where I want to go for dinner. We went to this BBQ place I really like and I'm thinking that's all she was gonna do to make my birthday special. Just me and her at a restaurant for an hour and then back home to watch television or something.

The waitress takes our orders and Karen asks for these huge jumbo hotdogs, which was kind of weird. It wasn't something she would usually order. When the plates arrive, I start eating and she slowly takes the oversized off the bun. Then she half-coughs just enough to get me to look up at hear and without warning she slides the whole fucking thing into her mouth! I was stunned. Her eyes bulged a little and the muscles of her throat bulged a lot as she started deepthroating it right in the middle of the restaurant. Grunting as she guided it all the way out and back down again three or four times.

Then she pushes it out using no hands and puts it back onto her plate. “I'm pretty good with meat” she said “But I'm a whole lot better with a real cock in my mouth.” I didn't know what to say. This is a woman I've known for most of my life and I never ever thought of her sexually – but in that moment she was the hottest girl I ever met!

“What a lot of guys don't get is that being pretty is something that comes and goes, but skill and effort always stick around. When you pick a girl Danny, be sure to pick one who really tries her best. The kind of girl who gets on top and rides your dick while squatting down on her feet – not some lazy skank who relaxes on her knees and makes you do all the work from below. Are you paying attention Danny, did you hear what I said?”

I have never paid so much fucking attention in my whole life. She could have taught me calculous in that restaurant and I'd have understood the whole fucking think the first time like Aristotle probably did. “Yeah Karen, I get what you are saying” I said in a shy voice.

“Speak up when you talk to a girl Danny. Be confident. Make them see that what you say matters more than anything else anyone else says. Girls love that. Now eat up and be sure to finish everything, you're going to need all the strength you can get today. As soon as we are done here we are heading home so you can fuck me and my friend Bonnie. She should be there by now and we don't want to keep her waiting….”

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