I Just Signed a Contract with My New Dom


Hi everyone, this one's name is Sheri. Sheri has always had an urge to explore a true BDSM lifestyle arrangement and recently she finally found the right opportunity. Sheri has a Dom who is loving, caring, strict and generous man. Before he would take her on as his sub he made it very clear to Sheri that she would need to read, understand and accept the terms of this behavioral contract. One of those terms was that this one make a public announcement about the contract explaining what it means and expressing her desire to freely enter into his service. The Dom has explained the public component of the contract is in part designed to make sure that this one really does understand what the terms mean, and in part to cause Sheri to humiliate herself so that she can start to learn the importance of remaining humble at all times.

Part 1 – Names and Pronouns

This one used to use terms like I, Me, Myself and other pronouns that suggested an identity. From now on Sheri will only speak about herself in the third person. This one understands that giving up all pronouns means Sheri will be able to free herself of her identity so that she can serve her Dom better without thinking of what she might enjoy or want. What the Dom wants is all that should matter to Sheri. Sheri is only here to serve. The Dom will only be referred to by terms of respect. The Dom, His Highness, Your Grace and similar terms are acceptable. Sheri does not have the right to speak his name or refer to the Almighty by any pronouns. Failure to remember these important word choices will result in harsh punishment.

Part 2 – Ownership

Sheri agrees to be owned by The Dom. All material decisions in life will be made by the Dom for both of them unless he specifically orders her to make a decision by proxy. This includes all financial decisions, employment choices, social choices, fashion decisions and everything else. As explained by the example in the contract itself: “If the Dom orders Sheri to wear crotchless panties and nothing else while entering a convenience store with cum on her face to purchase a pack of cigarettes, Sheri will reply by asking what brand of cigarettes to buy.” Statements made by the Dom toward Sheri are not requests or suggestions, they are orders to be carried out without hesitation. Any pause, delay, attempt to argue or procrastination will result in harsh punishment.

Part 3 – Exclusivity

Sheri shall be property of the Dom. She may not engage with or enter into any kind of binding contract with any other Dom. She conveys exclusive ownership of her body, mind and soul to the Dom. Again, quoting directly from the contract as an example “Sheri conveys her holes, bank accounts, wages, property and possessions in fee simple absolute to the Dom without any reservations whatsoever.” If the Dom orders Sheri to suck off strangers as a way to earn money or desires her to have sex with old friends he invites or wishes to empty her bank accounts for the sole purpose of burning all of her money in the back yard the Dom has only to ask once and Sheri will comply immediately. Conversely, the Dom may have as many whores as he chooses. Sheri shall try to earn his affection and will openly accept any other sluts he chooses to make part of the harem. His enjoyment is of paramount importance and any expression of jealousy will result in harsh punishment. Any act of betrayal (such as speak to another man without permission in advance will result in Sheri being cast out immediately).

Part 4 – Length of Term

The sub Contract shall be for a minimum of six months as anything less than that would be a complete waste of the Dom's time. Sheri may quit at any time before that but will never be spoken to again by the Dom or any of the other whores in the harem. After six months if Sheri decides she wants to end the contract she may do so as a “whore in good standing” able to continue speak with the whores in service and the Dom. If Sheri chooses to renew the contract it must be for a minimum of one year and each subsequent contract must be for one year longer than the last one after that.


I did my best to explain the contract as I understand it. I thank you all for reading it. I understand that links to this page are being sent to my family and friends. When my Mother and Sister read this I will contact them to explain that it really is me and that I am now the full time “fuckholes” of my Master for a minimum of six months. I will also explain to them that my pussy, ass and mouth have been used for sex by eleven different black men in the last three weeks. This is the last time I will use pronouns as I am no longer “myself”, I am now Sheri his whore without any regrets or reservations. I thank the Greatest One for the opportunity to serve him and look forward to cleaning the bathroom floor with my tongue as soon as I arrive tomorrow as planned.

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