Submissive Fantasies Brought to Life


David and I had always experimented with rough sex. He was more dominant and I was more submissive. He loved to fuck my face and pound my pussy hard, but we had never delved deeper into the world of dominant and submissive. Until this one night.

We were in bed and we started making out. I decided to play dumb, as a joke.

“David, what are you doing?? You're making me feel so good, but I've never done anything like this before!” I said with wide eyes.

Getting my role-play ruse, he went right along with it. “Shhh, it's ok. I'm going to show you some things you will really like. But you have to be a good girl and follow my directions. Do exactly as I say and you can't ask for anything.” 

I just nodded my head. This was hotter than anything we had done together before!

“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.” He commanded. I obliged. He put his already hard cock within tongue's reach and I started licking. After a few moments I started sucking on it too. I received a harsh, but not too hard, slap to the face.

“I didn't tell you to do that yet.” He chided. I went back to licking. My pussy was beyond wet. It had always been my fantasy to be bossed around!

After a few minutes of licking he said, “Ok, now you can suck on it.” As he also started to lightly touch my pussy through my panties. 

After a short period of sucking on just the head, he shoved his cock deep down into my throat. I used my tongue to massage the shaft as best I could. His fingers on my pussy became more intense, until suddenly they stopped. My arousal and need to cum were suddenly all too apparent to me.

“Please, please touch my pussy, make me cum!” I begged.

“Shhhh. You're not allowed to ask for anything, I know what's best.” he reassured me as another, harder slap landed on my face. I pouted a little, but couldn't pout for too long because the cock was shoved back into my mouth as he grabbed my hair and used it as a handle for his face fucking pleasure.

I tried to say “Please!” again around his cock, but no intelligible sounds came out.

Soon he wanted to move on to my pussy. He removed the cock from my mouth, and put a condom on. He told me to lay on my stomach and rub my clit. When I put my hand down there I was not shocked to find the juices dripping everywhere. He entered me and started pounding me hard and deep. That coupled with the arousal and my clit rubbing, I was soon cumming, and hard. Every time his cock would pound the back of my pussy, I would erupt in another orgasm. After 3 of my own, he came with a roar, and then collapsed on top of me, his sweat dripping onto my body.

After a few minutes he pushed himself off of me and said “Good girl, you were very good at following my directions.” as he patted my head.

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