The Fuck Toy


It wasn't my first time at a sex party, but it was my first time getting tied up at one! My boyfriend, a handsome and tall guy with a few tattoos in his late 20's, had told me what to wear with a devilish look in his eye. I had slowly slipped on the boyish looking underwear with a strange hole in the center and pocket on the inside right on my clit. I clipped the sexy push up bra behind my back, and examined the short skirt and shirt that Greg had chosen that even

“How is this even a shirt??” I exclaimed, when she saw the plunging neckline.

“Just wear it honey,” Greg said, patting my head as he walked across the room, “It will be worth your while, I swear.”

I felt a little exposed as they arrived at the party. We knew a few people there already, and had a cocktail and chatted with some of our kinky friends. When one friend, Elisabeth, asked to touch my nearly fully exposed and fairly large breasts that were popping out of the shirt, I consented. Elisabeth's gentle and feminine touch started to get my juices flowing.

Just as I was getting into it, Greg tapped me on the shoulder and led me out to the patio where there was an empty chair, a huge dildo, some condoms, and some rope laid out. Greg guided me to sit in the chair, with my hips on the edge, so I was leaning back with my pelvis jutted forward. He picked up the dildo.

“That is way too big to go in any of my holes!” I protested.

“Don't worry dear, it's not for you...well, it is and it isn't.” Greg replied slyly as he slipped it in to the ring on the front of the strange panties. I started to understand. It was a strap on! But what was everything else for?

Greg tied my spread legs to the outside of the chair. As he was doing so, he noticed a wet spot on the strap on harness which also doubled as underwear.

“I knew you would like this!” He exclaimed as he breathed in my aroused scent. I was enjoying it, even though I wasn't sure what was going to happen. The mystery was part of the allure.

He then tied my arms behind the back of the chair and slipped a bullet vibrator into the pocket of the harness that was right on my clit. To complete his masterpiece, he pulled my boobs completely out of the shirt. I was completely exposed and somewhat helpless!

“Wait here.” He joked. He poked his head inside the screen door and called everyone to come out to the patio. 30-40 people streamed slowly out of the house to look at me.

“Hear ye, hear ye,” Greg started, imitating the old fashioned town criers. “This here is my fuck toy that I would like to share with you. You may sit on her cock in any fashion you please, and fondle her breasts.”

I blushed deeply. How did he know this would turn me on so much? I guess that's why we were together! A few women lined up and Greg turned on the bullet vibrator on my clit. Each woman would put a condom on my dildo, fuck themselves to orgasm, and then take it off. After a few turns I was ready to cum. Then Elisabeth came to ride my cock.

“Hello, Ginger” She smiled. She sat down on the large dildo facing me. She grabbed a fistful of my long brown hair and pulled my head back as she thrust her tongue down my throat. With her other hand she pinched my left nipple, hard. All this while fucking herself on top of me. I could feel the roaring orgasm building with each of her thrusts, and I could tell she was close too.

We both screamed with pleasure at the same time, me straining against my bonds, and Elisabeth grinding her hips against mine. As I came out of my orgasmic stupor, I realized almost everyone at the party was watching us! They began to applaud. Elisabeth stood up and took a bow. All I could do was smile and blush.

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