The Honeymooners


I work in heavy equipment sales and every year, I go to Las Vegas for a big conference for equipment vendors and purchasers, and every year, it's dull. I don't like to gamble, so I always end in sitting in my room watching TV. My last trip was an exception, though.

After a long day at the conference, I needed a drink. I'd been in the bar about 10 minutes when a gorgeous blonde walked up and sat down next to me. Almost immediately, she was stroking my knee and asking me if I was a guest at the hotel. I was too turned on by her to be suspicious, but I did think to myself “must be a hooker.”

Soon, she waved over a guy from another booth. When she introduced him as her husband, my heart sank. But then she told me that her husband's favorite thing was watching her have sex with other guys, I realized that she wasn't a hooker; they were swingers. We settled our bar tab and headed upstairs.

She did a slow striptease, then knelt in front of me stroking my cock to make it hard. Once I was erect, she popped it into her warm, wet mouth. Her husband watched while massaging his dick through his pants.

Soon she was on top of me, riding my cock while looking back over her shoulder at her husband. I had my eyes closed when I felt the bed sag down by my feet; her husband was now kneeling behind her. Steadying her ass with his hands, he sank his cock into her asshole. She bit her lip and let out a little gasp, then began rocking her hips back and forth while her husband and I held still. I was so amped up from the sensations of it all, I knew I couldn't last long, so I was relieved to hear her husband say he was going to cum.

As he pulled out, she rolled onto over on her back next to me and told us to stand over her. Rubbing her clit, she started begging for us to cum on her tits. We were both ready to pop, so within instants her tits and neck were drenched in sperm. There wasn't a lot of small talk afterwards; I just got dressed and headed back to my room after an awkward goodbye.

I never did catch their names, but they sure did change my perspective; this year, I'm actually looking forward to the conference!

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